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Subject: Do babies feel pain?

Date: Sun Jul 11 10:06:00 1999
Posted by Chris Goodfellow
Grade level: 10-12 School: Brooke City Pechnical College
City: Kettering State/Province: No state entered. Country: England
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 931705560.Me

I am working on an essay.
I understand until recently medical profession believed babies 
and very young infants did not feel pain because their nerve 
system was not formed properly. Could you please help me with the 
following queries:
1.  Was there until recently a wide spread belief in the medical 
profession in America that babies did not feel pain? 2 As a 
result was minor surgery generally carried out without 
anaesthetic? 3 Do older members of the medical profession in your 
state or country still persist in the belief babies do not feel 
pain? 4 Are minor surgical operations still performed on babies 
without anaesthetic? 5 If there has been a shift towards medical 
acceptance of paediatric pain and consequent use of anaesthetics, 
then how recently has this happened? 6 What approximate 
percentage of boy babies are cicumcised in your country, and what 
pain relief is availabe if used? Any other relevant information 
would be appreciated.
Thank you very much. Chris Goodfellow, Kettering,  England 

Re: Do babies feel pain?

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