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Subject: How is partial charge possible?

Date: Mon Jul 12 18:18:09 1999
Posted by Ray-Bernard Portier
Grade level: undergrad School: UNCW
City: Wilmington State/Province: NC Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 931821489.Ch

What I am asking about is dipoles.  I understand the concept of 
increased electron attraction of some atoms, and the resultant 
electron cloud distortion to reveal more of the nucleus of one 
atom, and less of the nucleus of the other, but partial 
charges?  As far as I understand, something either IS or ISN't.  
There is no room in science (so much has been yelled at me 
before) for fuzzy relationships.  SO, what is partial charge? Is 
it positive or not?  Is it negative or not?  



Re: How is partial charge possible?

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