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Re: Is gravity a particle, field, or distortion in space-time?

Date: Wed Jul 21 02:50:27 1999
Posted By: Kobus Oosthuizen, Grad student, Electrical Engineering, Atio Tellecommunication
Area of science: Physics
ID: 931822434.Ph

Gravity ?

I am myself not certain that we as humans, fully understand many of the 
abstract field concepts which we see in so many forms in nature. When we 
get into nature's forces such as Gravity and Magnetism we enter into a 
world where we stand as outside observers. We theorise to describe our 
observations but we will never know if we fully understand it. I don't 
think there is a theory which will stand forever - I think - as human kind 
grows in technology so will our theories become more closer to reality. 

The closer the theory comes to reality the more one will be able to use 
these concepts to manipulate energy with. Currently we can not do much 
with our theories about Gravity. We can use Magnetism for far more 
purposes than Gravity. I think this says alot about a territory which is 

To me personally the space-time theory holds a great fascination. It seems 
as if you have read about it. Picture space as a rubber blanket stretched 
out firmly. Now place a few iron balls of different mass on the blanket.
The balls indent the blanket- The ball with the greatest mass density will 
indent the blanket the most. The other balls will also indent the blanket, 
but they will go into an elliptical orbit around the heaviest ball.

It seems a fair explanation - but then a new question pops up. Why does 
the balls indent space time. I am trying to describe gravity but I have 
used gravity itself to show that the bigger the mass is of the ball the 
bigger the indenting of space time is. I presume the best way to explain 
this will be to look as the relationship energy=matter (E=Mcc). This 
equation gives a clue to the fact that in some strange way mass integrates 
with energy. Gravity itself is also Energy. In some or other way each mass 
in the universe eats up energy or releases it. (Think about a black hole 
and a white fountain - as two sides of a wormhole). This is theory but it 
the best we have. The point I am getting to is - the bigger a mass the 
more energy it consumes. This energy creates a void around the mass. The 
void must be filled in order to keep the universe in balance. Energy of 
the surrounding enviroment slips into the void to fill up the gap. And the 
force of gravity is created.

The difficult part of this is to figure out how matter is responsible to 
bridge energy from one dimention to another - From black holes to white 
fountains. As the energy is consumed by the mass the mass must be changed 
in one or another way. The mass must become (M)heavier or the mass must 
move faster in relation to the rest of the energy around it. This is a 
gigantic puzzle. Maybe the mass is changed in some other way as to 
accomdate the newly absorbed energy - how - we speculate.

Thus closely you will see both your theories forms part of the puzzle - 
there are still a lot of pieces which must fit into place to give us the 
full picture. 

I am not able to give you a better picture becuase this is the best I have.

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