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Subject: Can the roots of plants utilize CO2?

Date: Mon Jul 12 02:30:56 1999
Posted by Nature Boy
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Area of science: Botany
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I was wondering if any other part of the plant besides the 
leaves can utilize carbon dioxide...specifically can CO2 
dissolved in water be utilized by the root system?  A friend of 
mine brought in an ad claiming that the addition of CO2 tablets 
to the water source for plants would increase the rate of growth 
by a substantial margin by providing more CO2 to the plant 
through the roots.  I am under the impression that only O2 is 
utilized by the roots and CO2 by the leaves.  As a matter of 
fact, I've heard some say that excessive CO2 around the roots 
will cause an anaerobic condition that can lead to root/plant 

Thanks in advance...I've been searching for an answer everywhere 
so I hope you can help me discover if these CO2 tablets really 
get results or are they a con.


Re: Can the roots of plants utilize CO2?

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