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Subject: Is Dewey B. Larson for real?

Date: Mon Jul 26 18:50:11 1999
Posted by Daniel Manning
Grade level: 10-12 School: Murwillumbah High School
City: Pottsville State/Province: N.S.W. Country: Australia
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 933033011.As

I have recently come across the works of a certain Dewey B Larson 
and I was wondering if he is real and if his books really exist.
His theory that the universe is just motion seems to me to be on 
the right track. The problem is I cant find any information on 
this man outside of the internet. This makes me question if he 
realy exists, is "The International Society of Unified Science" 
just an elaborate internet hoax, or is it real.
Please give me your thoughts on this mater.
Thanking you in advance 
                       Daniel Manning

Re: Is Dewey B. Larson for real?

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