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Re: What is the time duration for the voltage to drop to zero in a solenoid?

Date: Thu Jul 29 18:10:18 1999
Posted By: Michael L. Roginsky, Staff, Avionics, Honeywell Defense Avionics
Area of science: Physics
ID: 932424136.Ph

Hello JWells: As soon as you remove the coil DC voltage, its magnetic field 
collapses. For all practical purposes the collapse occurs at the speed of 
light (exactly in a perfect vacuum). During that extremely small period of 
time, the collapsing field induces an equal but opposite voltage in the 
coil. If you were to look at it with an oscilloscope all you see would be a 
sharp reverse voltage spike. By the way if you do an Internet search on 
Michael Faraday you will pick-up a thread of historical experimentation and 
discovery concerning magnetic fields and induction phenomena. I looked 
briefly in the web and found a couple of sites you may wish to examine:

I hope this answers your question. MAD.SCI MICRO 

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