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Subject: What is the connection between Quantum Theory & Super-Symmetry Theory

Date: Thu Jul 29 14:58:58 1999
Posted by Kristin Thu
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City: Mission State/Province: BC Country: Canada
Area of science: Physics
ID: 933278338.Ph

1. What is the relationship between Quatum Theory & Super-
Symmetry Theory?  Is it true that even the smallest sub-atomic 
particles have an invisible "pair"?  What does this mean in 
terms of energy/mass relationships?  ie. if we understand the 
Universe at the sub-atomic level, does this knowledge necessarily
explain the larger whole?

2. How does the Mandelbrot set help in understanding our 
Universe?  I read in a separate post that the Universe was a 
finite boundary with infinite space.... is it possible for time
to be created within the boundaries of the Universe?  Or is time
finite & only "stretched" or "compacted" depending on one's 
relative place in space-time?

Re: What is the connection between Quantum Theory & Super-Symmetry Theory

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