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Subject: modeling plasma to create a star wars light saber

Date: Tue Jun 15 00:55:36 1999
Posted by Andre curti
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: CSCJ
City: Campinas State/Province: SP Country: Brazil
Area of science: Physics
ID: 929426136.Ph

Other day i was watching Discovery channel , and there was this 
physic (woman) that wrote a book named "The physics of Star Wars"
I coudnt found it here in my country , any way , she sayd actualy
its relative easy to reproduce de efect of the light saber by 
modeling plasma with a electric or magnetic (i dont know witch is 
the word in english ,but have this formula Voltage = Resistence * 
i, its the i electric or magnetic i) . 
She said that plasma is the same gas that have around the sun , 
is it the same plasma used in some televisions ? (those with 
active plasma or something like that )
How works the modeling of the plasma throuth eletricit ? 
To create plasma i think is needed a lot of energy i am right ?
Is needed a complex equipament to do it ?
I actualy dont want to built one but i like to know all that 
stuff before i try to buy the book.

Thank You very mutch for the atention and sorry for my bad 

Re: modeling plasma to create a star wars light saber

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