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Re: What kind of tools does a zoologist use?

Date: Sat Aug 14 09:44:09 1999
Posted By: Rochelle Ferris, Undergraduate, Marine Biology / Zoology, James Cook University, Australia
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 934589174.Zo

Wow, Clay what a big question!

Zoologists do all kinds of work with animals!  Sometimes we go to the 
places where the animals live and use binoculars to watch them if they're 
big, or magnifying glasses if they're really small.  
Sometimes we need to dissect animals in our laboratory, so then we need 
things like scalpels, scissors and tweezers and sometimes even microscopes 
(because some animals are really, really small).  It's very interesting 
and when we watch the animals in the wild we get to go to some really 
beautiful places!
Computers are a very important tool too! Some zoologists who watch animals 
all the time take lots of notes on the animal's behaviour.  Then the 
zoologist uses a special computer program to analyse their notes so they 
can learn things like why an animal behaves the way it does.
One of the most important tools I use is the library!!  There are so many 
great books that teach me about animals, and books that help me identify 
animals that I see in the wild.  
For instance, here in Australia there are lots of different kinds of 
Kangaroos, but they all kind of look the same to me, so I use a book that 
has pictures of them to help me tell them apart!
So it really depends on what kind of work the zoologist is doing Clay, we 
use all kinds of tools!

Hope I helped ya!

Zoologist / Marine Biologist Undergraduate
James Cook University

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