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Re: What is meant by 'acid-reduction' (ie HCl)?

Date: Wed Aug 18 13:58:57 1999
Posted By: Charles McClaugherty, Faculty, Environmental Science (Ecology), Mount Union College
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 934793409.Ch

You could begin to answer this question by checking into an intro chemistry 
book and reading up on oxidation-reduction reactions.
Simply stated oxidations and reductions always occur together.  When one 
atom is reduced, something else is oxidized.  Acid can be though of as a 
reducing agent so acid reduction occurs when acid is able to reduce (give 
electrons to) another substance.Whether or how fast this occurs depends on 
something called the redox potential, which may go beyond what you are 
asking. By the way, lead is more often extracted with chelating agents 
than with acid solutions.

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