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Subject: Is a Faraday cage effective when made of stainless steel?

Date: Mon Aug 9 23:09:10 1999
Posted by Charles Phipps
Grade level: nonaligned School: ALkar-DEC
City: Lodi State/Province: WI Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 934254550.Eg

This is only part of the question.  Here is the scenario.  I build control
panels for large meat processing equipment.  These panels are made of 
stainless steel.  Some panels control large motors and heaters which operate
on 3 phase current, usually in the 50 to 150 amp range.  Other panels 
track temperature and humidity with sensitive DC and resistive probes.
I am currently working on a rare panel with both types of devices in it.
The engineers have ordered a dividing plate of stainless steel placed between
the two parts of this panel but it is about 10% shorter than necessary to
reach the door and provide complete separation between the 3 phase and the
DC sides.  The whole panel is stainless steel.  I would like to know if the 
stainless steel divider does any good at all or if it may even make things
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Charles Phipps

Re: Is a Faraday cage effective when made of stainless steel?

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