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Re: How does salicylic acid work to remove warts?

Date: Tue Aug 24 14:47:03 1999
Posted By: Robert May, M.D., Asoc.Prof.OB&Gyn Ret. Un.Alabama Bhm., Retired
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 935093196.Me

Salicilic acid is used to moisten and swell the corniferous layer of the
skin,this is the dead cell layer that is the most superficial one. When you
apply this via a soaked plaster,this layer can be pealled off painlessly. 
This exposes the living cell layer.  Here is where you need to remove the "seed
pods" of the wart. once this is done the wart disapears. This takes a few
weeks, depending on where the wart is and how diligent one is.  The cause 
of the wart is a virus.  RM

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