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Subject: want to see if theory is true- Is Universe expanding faster than light?

Date: Mon Aug 23 19:34:15 1999
Posted by Travis Maxwell
Grade level: 7-9 School: Baseline middle School
City: Coloma State/Province: Michigan Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 935451255.As

Because the universe is infinate and cannot be "made" all at once, it must 
be continually expanding- than wouldnt it expanding be faster than light? 
Because if it isnt than wouldnt the light be going into nothing yet 
created (or whatever term you would like to use)? im sorry for my question 
down here in the comments box but no one else knows the answer and this 
looked like a good place to ask, so please answer it if you can... thank 
you very much, Travis. I apologize again for writing my REALLY LONG 
question in this comment box not the question box. see ya later

P.S. dont see something really close to my question in the search box 
after i submit form, but if it is and i didnt see it (which i dont think i 
did) please just mail me back saying so..

Re: want to see if theory is true- Is Universe expanding faster than light?

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