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Re: Can I test Different Drugs on Daphnias?

Date: Thu Aug 26 18:37:33 1999
Posted By: Phyllis Pugh, Post-doc/Fellow, Neurobiology, Medical College of Ohio
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 935178731.Gb


Yours is a good question, and it shows that you want to go "beyond" what is given to you. I congratulate you on that.

Now to your question: yes, you certainly can test things other than what the kit contains. I suspect, with the list of things you presented, that your kit comes with a set of powders that you mix up in water and apply to the plants at various times. You can do the same type of thing with the different types of pain relievers you mentioned.

A couple things to think about as you plan your experiment:

I hope that helps you get started on your project. Good luck.

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