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Subject: Why is there no EMPIRICAL evidence for macroevolutionism?

Date: Tue Aug 10 13:05:41 1999
Posted by Frank Sherwin
Grade level: teacher/prof School: I.C.R.
City: Santee State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 934304741.Ev

I cannot find empirical verification of the macroevolutionary paradigm.
When it comes to a macroevolutionary syst. of classification -
"At the present time, biologists still have not developed a phylogenetic 
system of taxonomy" -deQueiroz & Gather, An. Rev. of Eco. & Syst. 1992
There's no ultimate cause of speciation, "The proximate mechanisms of re-
productive isolation are well understood . . but we remain ignorant of the
ultimate causes of speciation" -Hatfield, Evolution 53(3)p. 866    HELP!

Re: Why is there no EMPIRICAL evidence for macroevolutionism?

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