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Re: Small clothings in washing machine always end up in the bed sheet, why ?

Date: Mon Sep 6 22:19:51 1999
Posted By: Ken Johnsen, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 936387225.Eg

Dear Rekel

I suggest that your bed sheet is acting like a fishing net: a small [but 
sufficient] entry hole and adequate capacity for many fish. 

Your underwear has even less intelligence than the common fish and once inside, 
will tend to stay inside.

I seriously doubt whether entropy plays any role in this aspect of the washing 
process. It can probably be argued that soil removal from the fabric increases 
overall entropy but whether the gain [via soil removal] or the loss [via 
entrapment in your bedsheets] is a matter for theologians, not physical 

Thank you for my best laugh of a long day answering 'Why is the sky blue/' 


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