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Subject: Whatever became of this gravity shielding experiment?

Date: Mon Sep 6 23:56:46 1999
Posted by DSR
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I remember a few years ago reading about an experiment in 1992, done by a 
Russian scientist (Podkletnov) working in Tampere, Finland on 
superconductivity, had an apparatus with a spinning superconducting disk.  
And an effect of an "anomolous weight reduction" seemed to have occurred.  
Objects above the device seemed to have been reduced in weight by about 2% 
and even the air pressure above it on the floors above it was reduced.  
There was supposed to have been an article in "Journal of Physics - D" 
about the experiment, but that was withdrawn.  Then NASA was supposed to 
have been trying to reproduce the experiment, but I don't know what 
happened with that.  One of the original articles was in "Business Week."  
I'm just wondering if any of you is familiar with this and what is the 
current state of progress of this experiment?  Did NASA, or anyone else, 
successfully reproduce it?  With all the questions on anti-gravity on this 
Web site I'm surprised that I haven't seen any references to the Tampere 
experiment.  It must be more obscure than I thought, even among Physicists.

Re: Whatever became of this gravity shielding experiment?

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