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Subject: Will 128-bit encryption always be secure?

Date: Fri Sep 3 21:50:53 1999
Posted by Liz
Grade level: nonaligned School: I wish!
City: Medford State/Province: MA Country: USA
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 936409853.Cs

I have heard that the 128-bit encryption for sending credit cards is 
superior because it can't easily be hacked by  computers, or not as easily 
as encryption at lower bit numbers. However, as computers get faster and 
faster, will there come a day when it's no problem for my apple macintosh 
G3000 to crack a 128-bit encoded message, or is it a given that 128-bit 
encryption will always be strong and secure? If it will never be crack-
able, what makes it so impenetrable? And if it is crack-able, what is the 
inherent weakeness in it - and can this be overcome to make a truly secure 
method of encryption that no other computer will ever be able to decode?

Thank you for your time.

Re: Will 128-bit encryption always be secure?

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