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Subject: Is there a history of amateur computers?

Date: Mon Aug 30 18:06:08 1999
Posted by David Ecklein
Grade level: nonaligned School: dba Diacad Associates
City: Rumney State/Province: NH Country: USA
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 936050768.Cs

In 1959, I entered my amateur computer, EMAG III, in the high school science fair.  This machine had 3200 vacuum tubes and took almost 3 years
to design and construct.  Over the years, I have wondered what other
amateur computers were built (non-commercial, military, or academic), and
whether anyone had bothered to document them.  I would like to write an
article (or possibly a book) recalling my experiences, and cite other like
attempts of the pre-PC days.  Has anyone written a history on the subject?

I entered this question 2 or 3 days ago, and it vanished immediately.  The
answer to the question is not in your "archives".  It seems a valid
question according to your criteria.  Moreover, MadSci is educationally
oriented, so it might be a good question for your gurus to mull over.  I
hope this was just a mistake, and sincerely await any (even negative)

Dave Ecklein

Re: Is there a history of amateur computers?

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