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Re: Are seeds considered alive?

Date: Sat Sep 11 07:02:01 1999
Posted By: Ibrahim Bayraktar, Secondary School Teacher, Biology, biology teacher
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 936458716.Gb

Dear Cathy;  
 We can`t consider a seed just as a living organism.An egg or a seed, has 
the potential for giving rise a new organism.For a seed in order to 
germinate some factors like environmental and internal factors must be 
suitable for seed germination.Without presence of appropriate conditions 
seed will not germinate and will stay dormant.
So for a seed we can say that it has the potential for giving rise a new 
Also viruses are not considered as just living organism. Viruses can show 
life activities only when they enter a host organism. When a virus find a 
host like a bacterium, it will enter inside it and viruses will use the 
structures of bacterium for its benefits. Without a host , viruses will not 
show any life activities.
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