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Subject: Why do certain subjects stimulate certain people?

Date: Sat Aug 21 15:42:45 1999
Posted by jake Smith
Grade level: nonaligned School: college
City: Rhyl State/Province: denbighshire Country: Wales
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 935264565.Gb

Why do certain subjects stimulate certain people? for instance:Why are 
some subjects that are connected to future inventions and the evolution of 
mankind in the near future more interesting to young people?  What causes 
this interest?  Why do ferocious animals cause interest in some people who 
do not necessarily have violent tendencies?  Not simply, for instance,  
why are women interested in lipstick or tights.  Or men interested in cars 
more than women, but why do mechanics interest some people.  What causes 
this in the brain and what are the differences between brains;or the 
similarity between certain brains?  I hope you understand what I am trying 
to ask!

Re: Why do certain subjects stimulate certain people?

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