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Subject: Will corregating around the insides of containers increase plant root mass?

Date: Wed Jul 28 21:33:03 1999
Posted by OldStrat
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Alumnus of W.U.
City: St. Louis State/Province: MO Country: USA
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 933215583.Ag

We grow tomatos and peppers in 5 gal. containers since the backyard is concrete. By the middle of summer, the plants are getting rootbound. Can we increase yields and nutrient utilization by, in effect, enlarging the size of the containers by placing accordian folded plastic around the inside edges of the buckets? This should increase the total surface area of the container by 40%.

When I searched your archives, I learned of those specialized cells in roots that sence gravity. When I've looked at buckets at the end of a season, the roots go both down and sideways, when they hit the plastic. So, will this work, and should the plastic ridges be horizontal like a venetian blind, or vertical, like an accordian? Both? One kind on top and another below? How severe a bend will the roots take if the overall movement is down?

By the way, as a W.U. alumnus, I was proud and pleased to see the Mad Scientist website. Keeping up the fine traditions of high intellectual achievement and genuine weirdness.

Congratulations !

Re: Will corregating around the insides of containers increase plant root mass?

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