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Subject: Is effect of second-hand smoke overrated?

Date: Mon Aug 30 05:44:31 1999
Posted by tze ping TAN
Grade level: undergrad School: School of Medicine, University of Melbourne
City: Melbourne State/Province: Victoria Country: Australia
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 936006271.Me

I am interested in the effect of the secondary or second-hand smoke on the 
developement of lung cancer and other related illness in a person that 
does not smoke. Recent articles have not been able to establish evidence 
to the dangers of secondary smoking. So is it a myth??

Also, is possible, what evidence is there to show that continual parental 
smoking may contribute to retarded development of the child?
I know that maternal smoking of a neonatal did not contribute any 
significant deterioration in the child's mental state is she stops before 
the baby turns 2. is this true?

Re: Is effect of second-hand smoke overrated?

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