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Subject: Are the lumps in sour milk lactobacillus or their byproducts?

Date: Sun Sep 12 18:02:08 1999
Posted by Deonna Wright
Grade level: 4-6 School: Rhema Christian School
City: Moon Township State/Province: Pa Country: U.S.A
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 937173728.Mi

    I am doing a science project on the growth of bacteria involving milk.
Can you please answer a few questions that have come up during my research?
Is there a specific lactobacillus that sours milk, are the lumps bacteria,
is there a specific equation relating bacterial growth and temp.? I do know
that the bacteria do not die when frozen and grow better in warmth but die
at a certain heat,as some do in pasteurazation. Also, I have read that it 
is the bacteria that spoils the milk and somewhere else it said that it is
the acid byproduct.Last.if the lumps are byproducts,how can you relate 
this to the growth of the bacteria? Any information will help. Thank you.

Re: Are the lumps in sour milk lactobacillus or their byproducts?

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