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Subject: What is the difference between 'dew point' and 'wet-bulb temperature'?

Date: Tue Oct 5 12:21:34 1999
Posted by Vicky Harris
Grade level: teacher/prof School: GSL Lakeside School (middle school)
City: Silver Lake State/Province: MN Country: US
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 939140494.Eg

My eighth grade classes study weather and we use a psychrometer to 
measure wet-bulb temperature as well as dry-bulb temperature.  In the 
early fall when it is warm, our wet-bulb temperature usually matches 
fairly closely the dew point as reported at a local National Weather 
Service Automated Weather Reporting Site, but now - October in 
Minnesota - the reported dew point is usually significantly below the 
wet-bulb temperature no matter how long we whirl the psychrometer.  For 
instance, this morning - Oct 5 - the dew point reported is 32 and our 
wet-bulb is 52.  Is our technique faulty or should these be two 
different numbers?

Re: What is the difference between 'dew point' and 'wet-bulb temperature'?

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