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Re: How does salt affect evaporation?

Date: Wed Nov 3 11:34:33 1999
Posted By: Myron Cagan, Staff Engineer, process development, micro devices
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 941052446.Ch

Usually a salt added to water will decrease the evaporation rate of the
water.  This is due to the lowering of the vapor pressure of a solvent
(water in this case) by a solute (salt in this case).  This is called a
colligative property.  In the context of this question, this is a property
that depends on the number of particles of the solute dissolved in the
solvent.  The basic laws (Henery's Law, Raoult's Law)apply to non-ionic
materials.  These laws are discussed in freshman level chemistry texts.
Things get more complicated when ionic salts, such as NaCl, are considered.
Your Science/Chemistry teacher may have some references that are useful to

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