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Subject: Can you get plant cells to produce hydrogen rather than carbohydrates?

Date: Tue Sep 21 21:27:29 1999
Posted by Philip Coultas
Grade level: undergrad School: Pasadena City College
City: Burbank State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 937963649.Bt

A geology teacher had mentioned that it takes more energy to create a solar 
power cell then it will ever produce, so it is worthless in most 
situations, but a biology teacher was lecturing about how almost all 
animals (other than those at black smoker vents) get their power from 
directly, or indirecly eating plants. It made me think about how a plant's 
leaves produce enough energy to support the non photosynthesizing trunk and 
roots, and the possibility of short circuting either the genetics of plant 
cell, or the somewhat prokaryotic organelle of the chloroplasts, so that 
hydrogen is produced, and carbohydrates aren't, so that you could use the 
hydrogen to produce electricity with hydrogen fuel cells, or a way of 
catching the electrons from the chloroplasts directly for power. If 
feasible, the reprogrammed cells could self replicate so that in essence 
you are making one solar panel that self replicates, and could get the food 
it needs from non reprogramed cells.

Re: Can you get plant cells to produce hydrogen rather than carbohydrates?

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