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Subject: re: Growth Hormones and previous question ID: 922503943.Gb

Date: Sat Oct 30 20:53:28 1999
Posted by Matthew Crawshaw
Grade level: School: No school entered.
City: Brisbane State/Province: Queensland Country: Australia
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 941331208.Gb

I have read ID: 922503943.Gb (in relation to growth hormones vs the 
question of aging) and wished to bring to your attention a study that has 
been conducted by North Dakota State University (Longevity Report 33).  In 
this report they have stated that Growth Hormone (GH) treated mice had a 
greater longevity (93% after 13 weeks as opposed to 39% non-GH treated).  
They state that 18 GH treated mice were alive after 19weeks whilst the 
others had expired.  Could you please inform me of your opinion on this 
study as I have read Madsci on numerous occasions and would like your 

Please note:  I am not connected in anyway with this experiment but am 
interested in the subject of longevity and the aging process. 

Re: re: Growth Hormones and previous question ID: 922503943.Gb

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