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Subject: The boiling point of salt water is not constant. Why?

Date: Sun Oct 24 03:10:21 1999
Posted by John Kim
Grade level: undergrad School: Como Lake Middle School
City: Coquitlam State/Province: British Columbia Country: Canada
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 940749021.Ch

I had an experiment of boiling point in different amount of salt 
dissolved in water. The result was:
3g salt water - 100 C
5g salt water - 102 C
7g salt water - 107 C
9g salt water - 105 C
11g salt water - 102 C

After the 9g salt dissolved in water, the boiling point was lowered.
Do you know the reason why? (the salt was definitely all dissolved.)
I appreciate you if you answer my question...

Re: The boiling point of salt water is not constant. Why?

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