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Re: Does the temperature affect the life sapan of a bubble?

Date: Thu Nov 18 16:26:21 1999
Posted By: Graeme Bushell, Faculty, Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 942604699.Ch

Probably. I assume you are talking about bubbles that sit at the surface, 
in contact with air like those made when washing the dishes?
At a higher temperature, the liquid film that contains the bubble will have 
a lower viscosity, and so will tend to drain and thin out faster. Also, it 
will evaporate faster so the film will thin more rapidly to the point where 
it is no longer strong enough to resist popping.
As for measurement, one way might be to lay a ruler down next to the 
bubbles and photograph them. Then you can measure the size from the 

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