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Re: I need brainwave stimulation frequencies.

Date: Sun Nov 21 11:10:40 1999
Posted By: Tye Morancy, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 943128946.Ns

Hi Forrest,

    That's an interesting question.  I can definitely answer the first part in 
which you asked for the frequencies for brainwaves.

    Human brainwaves are often discerned into 4 broad spectral bands of 
clinical interest.  Those bands are listed below with the frequency range 
associated with each :

         1)  Delta Waves : 0 - 4 HZ
         2)  Theta Waves : 4 - 8 HZ
         3)  Alpha Waves : 8 - 12 Hz
         4)  Beta Waves  : above 12 Hz

    Not everyone agrees on the exact boundaries of these rhythms.  The second 
part of your question which was whether or not there was a program or such for 
the computer that could generate these tones.  I assume you are meaning this in 
terms of generating these tones as audio.  Such tones could be produced in this 
way very easily, however you would not hear them as the lower limit of human 
hearing is 20 Hz.

    I hope this answered your inquiry...thanks for the question...

Tye Morancy
"Mad Scientist"

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