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Re: How do Chitin molecules link together?

Date: Wed Nov 24 09:04:34 1999
Posted By: Pamela Norton, faculty, Dept. of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson Univ.
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 942776017.Bc

This is not my field but a quick search of the literature uncovered a 
couple of pointers. (Note- Most of the work seems to have been done in 
yeast.) Chiten can be linked to mannoproteins via a beta1-6 glucan link, 
see J. Bacteriology 179:6279 (1997) The terminal reducing residue of a 
chitin chain can be attached to the non-reducing end of a beta(1->3)-glucan 
chain by a beta(1->4) linkage; see J. Biol. Chem. 270:1170 (1995). Another 
relevant sounding reference that I haven't investigated is Biochem. Soc. 
Trans. 25:200 (1997). Thus, it sounds as though chitin tends to be 
crosslinked to various other cell wall components. 

Browse Medline, keyword "chitin", using PubMed, or the access means of your 
choice to find other similar papers. In addition, a search through other 
databases may yield more information. (Note, if you are at the graduate 
school level, you might consider answering questions here rather than 
asking them. You also should get your literature searching skills up to 

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