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Subject: gall bladder's role and different feces

Date: Wed Nov 24 21:36:51 1999
Posted by Jason P.
Grade level: undergrad School: Simon Fraser
City: Vancouver State/Province: BC Country: Canada
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 943501011.Me

First of all, what is gall bladder's function?  Does being nervous affect 
it in anyway?
Also, what does the color of your feces suggest?  If you are sick, how 
different should it be?  If it stinks more than usual, does it mean that 
your diet is not appropriate?  I know that scientists can look at the feces 
fossils of animals that lived million years ago and learn alot about them. 
 I like to know if ours is that significant too.
Thanks so much

Re: gall bladder's role and different feces

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