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Subject: Are meiofauna affected by different salinity levels?

Date: Mon Nov 22 14:04:59 1999
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I am going to be doing my science fair project this year on meiofauna and 
I need to know if the meiofauna WILL be affected by different salinity 
levels. I have been working with meiofauna for three years now and I know 
how to collect them and strain them. I also do not know how I should go 
about observing the salinity level's affect on the meiofauna. If I strain 
them through a 48 micormeter sieve and then place the meiofauna into petri 
dishes of different salinities and then watch them through a stereoscope, 
how long will I have to look at them to see if the salinity is taking a 
toll on their way of life? I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could 
help me with my problem. If you have any ideas for me please email me at
Thank you.

Re: Are meiofauna affected by different salinity levels?

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