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Subject: Can inverted text be read normally?

Date: Tue Oct 12 05:38:02 1999
Posted by Paul Smith
Grade level: teacher/prof School: PSA Training Systems
City: Salgen State/Province: Bavaria Country: Germany
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 939721082.Ns

Here is a fascinating question related to a perception experiment conducted 
some years ago (sorry I have no references). The subject is given prismatic 
spectacles which totally invert his/her field of orientation. After a few 
days the subject gets so used to seeing the world upside down that things 
gradually appear normal. The question is "Can the subject now also read 
normally?" If "yes" when the spectacles are finally removed, "Can s/he read 
texts which are inverted?" 

Re: Can inverted text be read normally?

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