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Re: How can I delete the Macxw4.drv driver from my system?

Date: Fri Dec 3 16:58:14 1999
Posted By: Mike Westerfield, Staff, Computer Science, Byte Works, Inc.
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 943278809.Cs

Hi Jason,

I'm more of a Mac guy myself, but my sister happens to run a Windows help 
desk, so I checked to see what she had to say. I hope this helps.

Mike Westerfield



There are several solutions to your dilemma with your 2d accelerator.

No matter which solution it is a good idea to back up your registry and 
system files. Many of these files are hidden, so you will need to set your 
Windows Explorer to view all files.  This is accomplished by selecting 
Start - Program Files - Windows explorer.  When explorer opens select View 
 Folder Options  View  and make sure show all files is marked.

Copy your system.dat, user.dat system.ini, and windows.ini files located in 
your Windows directory.  I name mine with the FilenameMyinitials.old.  This 
should be done on a regular basis or prior to major system changes.  I 
would also prepare a bootable floppy.  You can create an emergency startup 
disk by going to the control panel -add remove programs, startup disk tab 
and follow the instructions.

Now that we have put in a few safe guards lets look at how you can remove 
your driver. Here are three methods, any one of which should do the trick:

1) Boot the system to the bootable diskette and delete the driver.
2) Boot to safe mode by hitting the f8 key as your system is coming up.   
This boots with the default VGA driver. 
3) The third way is a little more complex.  Go to your Start  Programs  
Accessories  System Information.  This will give you a menu driven method 
of editing your registry and system files and is a little safer than 
regedit.  Click on the advanced button under the General tab and click the 
VGA 640 x480 x16 box.  This will allow your system to boot without the 
accelerator.  After a reboot, the driver can be deleted.

After completing one of these methods and booting your system I would 
suggest installing the correct driver for you device.

Happy Computing,

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