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Re: Can sound frequencies burst cancer cells?

Date: Sun Dec 5 11:46:49 1999
Posted By: Michael Martin-Smith, Other (pls. specify below), Family Physician, Fellow,BIS, amateur astronomer( BAA), British Interplanetary Society
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 943930139.Me

I have never come across any work  of this particular nature. Sure, 
lithotripsy uses high intensity inaudible sounds to rupture renal 
stones- but the concept has never so far as I know been applied to 
cancer cells.
A few problems present themselves
 1/ Unlike radiation I doubt that ultrasonics contain enough energy per 
wave to be directed lethally at cancer cells deep within the body
 2/ Focussing ultrasonic waves deep into the body at cancers would 
present considerable problems-
 3/Stones, being solid, can be vibrated to resonance and hence 
distegration. I doubt the same principle would obtain with jelly like
protoplasm of cells whether malignant or not.

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