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Subject: does carbon monoxide rise or settle?

Date: Sun Dec 12 22:13:44 1999
Posted by usnkindskg
Grade level: School: eastern maine vocational school
City: kenduskeag State/Province: maine Country: usa
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 945058424.Ch

hi! Nice site guys!!! Hey,I was always led to believe that carbon monoxide 
settles because it is heavier than air.Another myth I was led to believe was 
that if your exhaust on your vehicle leaked, drive with the windows down because 
carbon mnoxide couldn't build up past the open windows.Is this a true fact? I 
would like to install a  heater in my workshop, and thought about putting a vent 
under it so carbon monoxide can "drain", or "flow" out of the building.I have 
searched and searched for the answer, but I'm not finding it anywhere.I hope you 
can help me. Thanks,guys! 


Re: does carbon monoxide rise or settle?

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