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Re: Using alternat universes as a medium of cheating the Big Crunch.

Date: Mon Jan 3 11:37:50 2000
Posted By: Samuel Silverstein, faculty, physics, Stockholm University
Area of science: Physics
ID: 945829440.Ph


Interesting question. Einstein-Rosen Bridges, or "wormholes", are a solution of the Schwarzschild geometry, which deals with the curvature of spacetime around a spherical mass. In this solution, the event horizons of a black hole and a white hole create a connection between two universes. There is an excellent resource on wormholes and related topics here.

As you will see on those pages, there are some major problems with using wormholes, including:

But I wouldn't worry about it all too much. Current evidence suggests that the "big crunch" will never happen, and the universe will simply keep expanding forever. Take a look at Ned Wright's Cosmology FAQ for some of the best-presented cosmology information I have seen on the net.

Of course, if this is true that presents us with the problem of how to keep surviving into eternity after all of the stars burn out. But we won't have to start dealing with that issue until many billions of years from now, so I figure we will probably learn a thing or two by then... :-)

Hope this helps.

Sam Silverstein

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