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Re: Sleeping less or more?

Date: Sat Jan 8 07:49:37 2000
Posted By: Jeffrey Utz, M.D., Neuroscience, pediatrics, Allegheny University
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 947037049.Ns

As you get older, you sleep less. On average new-born babies sleep about 16 hours a day. Two year olds sleep about 13 hours a day. Ten year olds sleep about 10 hours a day and 18-year olds sleep just over 8 hours a day.

Babies and young kids need so much sleep because sleep is important for helping the brain develop. It also is important for leaning new things, which babies need to do a lot of.

As you get older, your brain is still developing, but not as fast. So we need less sleep. But even adults need, on average, 8 hours a day.

Reference: Principle of Neuroscience by Kandell & Schwartz.

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