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Re: what are the perfect snow conditions for building a snowman?

Date: Fri Jan 14 13:13:19 2000
Posted By: Jeff Robertson, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 947095567.Es

The perfect SNOW for Snowmen depends upon the temperature.

For making a snowman, or snowfort, or for snowball fights, you can have it two ways. The most desirable kind is snow is that which falls during a snowstorm when the temperature is between 26-34 degrees, and then the temperature cools.

In this way the snowfall usually results in LARGE flakes that stick together very well; the kind that make a sound when they hit. Any warmer and you will get a cold winter rain. Any colder and the snow will be too solid, (the kind skiers like called powder). The snow art you make will then freeze and last a long time if the cold weather persists.

The other less desirable kind is when the snow has fallen under cold conditions (powder) and then starts to melt as the temperature rises. Great for a warm day snowball fight, or a quick snow man, but it soon turns to slush if the warming trend continues.

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