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Subject: What do white precipitate lines after you immunoelectrophorese show?

Date: Thu Jan 6 17:06:40 2000
Posted by Nikki
Grade level: 10-12 School: North Farmington High School
City: Farmington Hills State/Province: Michigan Country: USA
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 947200000.Im

In our lab, about the evolution of protein serums, we had 3 parts. The 
first part we're pretty sure we have figured out.  We just took 6 serums 
of animals (donkey, goat, sheep, chicken, cow, and horse), electrophorese 
them, stain and destain.  Simple enough.  In the 2nd part, we put agar in 
a petri dish and made 7 wells, 6 in a circle, one in the middle.  Cow 
antibodies went in the middle, and serums in the others.  We were supposed 
to see white precipitate lines after incubation.  What do the white 
precipitate lines show?  Are the serums moving towards the antibodies vice 
versa or neither?We were trying to research the process but we can't find 
much. Then in part 3, we made 2 gels, putting serums in every other well, 
and electrophoresed, and put strips of paper w/ antibodies on them and 
incubated them.  There are supposed to be white precipitate lines,but we 
didn't get any.  We still have to know what was supposed to happen and 
what we did wrong.  We need to be pointed in the right direction.  Also, 
if you would have any suggestions as to where we could find a little bit 
more information on this if you can't help us out.  Thank you so much!  
Nikki Little
North Farmington High School

Re: What do white precipitate lines after you immunoelectrophorese show?

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