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Subject: Electrolysis of Water - No Oxygen produced.

Date: Sun Jan 2 17:33:51 2000
Posted by Will Parker
Grade level: 10-12 School: Columbus High School
City: Columbus State/Province: Georgia Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 946856031.Ch

I just finished performing a science project on the electroysis of a .573M 
solution of non-iodized salt and distilled water. My question lies in the 
production of oxygen, there was no production observed. I saw a question in 
your archives on the same lines, but it didnt really answer the question. 
My theory as to why this is occurring is that the oxygen is bonding as 
quickly as it is produced to the salt, or the copper. I know that salt can 
be a reactive substance so that is why I beleive that might be it, but I 
think that it might be copper as well, because corrosion of copper was 
observed. Please help. Sorry about the grammar, I am no english specialist.

Re: Electrolysis of Water - No Oxygen produced.

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