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Subject: Do Bigger Seeds in a seed packet grow bigger plants?

Date: Mon Jan 24 13:51:52 2000
Posted by Judyann Minor
Grade level: K-3 School: Porterville Unified School District
City: Porterville State/Province: California Country: USA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 948743512.Bt

A first grade student of mine has a packet of pumpkin and beans seeds. She 
thinks that if she finds the biggest seed in the packet of seeds she will 
be able to grow the biggest plant and have a bigger yield. We have gotten 
some information from text books and reference materials on seeds, but 
most cover the parts of the plant and very general information about 
seeds. We have been unable to find anything about the corrolation between 
seed size and plant/fruit size of seeds of the same type. Addedto the 
difficulty is keeping it simple enought that it can be taught/explained to 
a first grade student who is very eager to find this out but still is only 
6 years old. Could you help us?

Re: Do Bigger Seeds in a seed packet grow bigger plants?

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