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Subject: What kind of tools does a botanist use

Date: Thu Jan 20 19:27:56 2000
Posted by Natalie Frazier
Grade level: 4-6 School: Davidson Elementary
City: Cornelius State/Province: NC Country: USA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 948418076.Bt

I am looking for information about the kinds
of tools used specifically by botanists, in their study of plants and
anything else they might do in their jobs.

Thank you,
Natalie Frazier


Re: What kind of tools does a botanist use
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Hi Natalie - Could you be a little more specific about what sort of 
information you're after? Tools in the sense of studying plants, tools that 
are specific only to botany, or ones that may be used by other branches of 
science as well. Thanks..

	P. Risley, Admin MadSci Network

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Re: What kind of tools does a botanist use

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