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Subject: How are Alumina(Al2O3) crucibles and refractory shapes made?

Date: Sun Dec 19 21:30:23 1999
Posted by Duncan
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Pure alumina crucibles excite me! How the heck are they made? Can they be 
slip cast then fired like other ceramics? If so, this puzzles me, since 
other ceramics rely on a mix of materials to dissolve eachother and fuse. 
If you heat alumina enough to fuse it, wouldn't it melt and sag and be 
useless? Perhaps extremes of pressure, no water, high temperature? But 
then what material could withstand alumina temps which are, what, around 
4000 F? Thanks alot!!!

Re: How are Alumina(Al2O3) crucibles and refractory shapes made?

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