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Re: How do chlorine bleach & color-safe bleach work chemically?

Date: Thu Jan 27 23:19:24 2000
Posted By: Erin Cram, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 948318245.Ch

Chlorine bleach, sodium hypochlorite, and color-safe bleach, usually hydrogen 
peroxide, are both highly reactive chemicals which can attack and break bonds in 
other chemicals.

For example, the mustard stain on your shirt contains at least one 
chemical compuound.  The bleach molecule reacts with the yellow compound.  The 
resulting chemical is no longer yellow, and the yellow stain is gone.  

  The chemistry needed to explain this more specifically is at the college 
If you are interested check out this mad 
scientist posting.

Or, ask your chemistry teacher about "free radicals" which are a special type of 
ion which can attack other molecules.



Re: How do chlorine bleach & color-safe bleach work chemically?
Science Fair project comparing effectiveness of chlorine & color-safe 
bleaches in removing stains. Need simple scientific explanation on how 
these two products work in removing stains.

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Hi - try a search for     bleach stains     at the above page. A few files 
in our archives address your question. Feel free to write back again if you 
still have questions.

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