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Subject: Do dogs have a perception of time?

Date: Sat Jan 8 22:45:01 2000
Posted by Johanne
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Area of science: Zoology
ID: 947393101.Zo

My ten year old wants to do an experiment on whether or not our dogs have 
a concept of time.  In other words, he wants to know if the dogs can 
differentiate between us being gone for five minutes vs five hours.  How 
would he go about to find this out.  My suggestion to him was to leave and 
come back at different time intervals and document the dogs reaction to 
when he returns.  Is their reaction whether he's gone for a few minutes 
the same or is it more intense when were gone for several hours.  Do you 
have any suggestions for him or links that he could go to.  Surely, this 
must have been questioned before.

Thanks for your help or suggestions.  

Re: Do dogs have a perception of time?

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