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Subject: Does adding table salt to H20 make it boil at a higher temp?

Date: Thu Jan 27 10:46:59 2000
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I am in the 5th grade and I am doing a science project on "does adding
table salt to water make the water boil at a higher temperature"  could you
give me some information on this? I know I need to measure the boiling
water before adding salt and then after and compare. how much water should
I use? How long should I boil the water before measuring the temperature?
how much salt should I use? I know that water starts to boil when the vapor
pressure equals the atmospheric pressure. I think the atmospheric pressure
is the pressure of earth and that the vapor pressure is like the bubbles or
steam but I'm not real sure. Can you tell me what they mean? what does the
atmospheric pressure have to do with the water boiling? Thank you, Minda


Re: Does adding table salt to H20 make it boil at a higher temp?

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