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Subject: How can one predict a toddlers growth?

Date: Wed Jan 19 15:44:54 2000
Posted by David Fisher
Grade level: nonaligned School: None
City: Louisville State/Province: KY Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 948318294.Me

On Wed Nov 18 11:50:07 1998  Bryce Wilkerson posted the following question:
What is the formula for predicting height?
"I used to have, but have since lost, a formula for predicting height. 
This is a scientific formula and does not involve x-raying the fibula or
any other bone.  You simply measure a child at a certain age, convert to
centimeters and plug that number into either the male or female formula.

On Mon Dec 28 22:28:51 1998 Dirk Daube, Faculty, Psychology, Georgia
Perimeter College Posted:
If I remember correctly take the height in cm at 2.5 years old and that 
should give you an approx height for an adult.

My Question is ..What is this formula ? My situation is that I have an
adopted boy 23 mo.s old. He is currently 37" tall. My wife and I would love
to have a little insight into his possible future.
Thank You

Re: How can one predict a toddlers growth?

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